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Concord Health Center is an internal medicine and nephrology practice located in Concord, Massachusetts. Since 1998, Charles Malis, MD, and his medical team have been providing outstanding options for patients struggling with complex health issues. The practice takes an integrative approach to care, offering comprehensive solutions to some of the most difficult-to-treat health conditions.

The scientific and academically-oriented team members partner with each patient, making them an equal participant in their own care. This includes going over results, developing diagnoses, and coming up with individualized treatment plans that help patients feel more in control of their own health.

The internal medicine and nephrology practice specializes in the treatment of many health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Dr. Malis and his team also offer advanced diagnostic testing to help those struggling with their health but lacking clear answers about the underlying cause. They provide second opinions and alternative treatment options, as well.

The advanced medical practice also offers an executive health program that includes the use of cutting-edge diagnostic tools to get the most accurate diagnosis, which helps direct therapy and treatment.

To get the answers you’ve been searching for from a team of medical experts who have access to the best tools and treatments available, contact Concord Health Center today by calling the office or using the online booking tool.

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