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Getting a medical diagnosis may provide some answers, but it can also leave you with a lot of questions. Getting a second opinion can provide the additional answers you need to feel more at ease. Board-certified internal medicine and nephrology physician Charles Malis, MD, at Concord Health Center has decades of medical and academic experience and offers second opinions at his Concord, Massachusetts, office. To schedule a second opinion, call the office or use the online booking tool today.

Second Opinions Q & A

What are second opinions?

Second opinions are medically defined as medical opinions from a physician other than your primary doctor. A second opinion provides you with another evaluation of your health condition, as well as other treatment options.

Dr. Malis is an experienced physician who spent many years as an academic researcher at some of the most well-known medical facilities in the country, including The Johns Hopkins Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. His academic and medical experience gives him the unique ability to evaluate your health from both a medical and scientific point of view to make a correct diagnosis.

When should I seek a second opinion?

You may feel hesitant about getting a second opinion because you don’t want to hurt your primary physician’s feelings. However, your primary doctor may find the information offered by Dr. Malis a helpful addition to your treatment.

You should seek a second opinion if:

  • You’re uncertain about your diagnosis
  • You don’t feel comfortable with the recommended treatment
  • You have a complicated medical history
  • You’ve been diagnosed with a rare or life-threatening condition
  • You’re uncertain about the best treatments suggested to you
  • You’ve lost confidence in your primary doctor

Many people seek a second opinion when diagnosed with a serious health condition. However, you can also seek a second opinion for less serious health issues if you have concerns about the treatment options offered or the diagnosis itself.

What can I expect during an evaluation?

When coming in to see Dr. Malis at Concord Health Center for a second opinion, you can expect a comprehensive exam. During your exam, Dr. Malis reviews your signs and symptoms and medical history. He also reads through your medical records and performs a physical exam.

To better understand your health and assist in the development of his opinion, he also conducts advanced diagnostic testing, which may include lab work and possible X-rays.

When it comes to your diagnosis and treatment plan, Dr. Malis considers you an equal partner. Together, you and Dr. Malis review the results of your testing, formulate a correct diagnosis, and discuss all of your treatment and therapy options to determine the ones most comfortable for you.

If you’re having concerns about your diagnosis or medical treatment plan, call Concord Health Center today or request an appointment online to get a second opinion from Dr. Malis.